NZ Modern School of Music has been teaching music within Scott Point School for many years. The principal Pam King has been very supportive of developing music lessons, and as such the number of pupils learning music within the school has continued to grow. 


Elaine has been with NZ Modern School of Music for over ten years. She has recently become the senior Piano teacher within Scott Point School and will be a great asset for the years ahead. 

Jayan has been with NZ Modern School of Music for approximately five years, predominately teaching from his home studio. He has established himself within the school and teaches Guitar. 

Fumiko has been with NZ Modern School of Music for over three years and will begin teaching in Scott Point School from Term 3 2023. She will be an additional Piano teacher at the school whilst also being able to teach Singing. 


Teachers provide weekly lessons to pupils during the school day. Once your child is enrolled and a day/time has been agreed to, the teacher will collect your child and take them to their lesson. Generally payment is made for the full term at the beginning of term. If a student is away, the teacher will attempt to provide a make-up lesson. 


At the beginning of each term, enrollment forms are sent out. Please fill out the form and return it to the office. The Music Teacher will collect the enrolment forms and contact you. They will explain how it works in more detail, advise pricing, and let you know available times. Once agreed, the lessons will begin. If you would like to enrol, please fill in the enrolment form below, email us on, or contact us on 0800 696 374. Using the email or enrolment form is best so we have a record of your contact details should we need to forward these on to the relevant teacher.


We believe Exams and Competitions are critical to the success of your child’s tuition.  Exams show a record of performance and progress which we find motivates the children through achievement. Our Competitions teach the children how to perform.  Although they are all nervous, they become proud that they performed. During the calendar year, there are two Theory Exams, one Practical Exams (August), and our Annual Competitions (June). Please contact your teacher for more information. You can also find more information here