Every child should learn an instrument, but which one?

There is no definitive answer to which instrument to learn between piano, guitar, drums, keyboard, or singing. It depends on your personal preferences, goals, and abilities. However here are some factors that might help you decide:


Piano and keyboard are often considered the easiest instruments to learn for beginners because they have a logical layout of keys and can play a wide range of musical styles and genres. They also develop your musical theory, sight-reading, and coordination skills. However, they can be expensive, bulky, and challenging to master advanced techniques and express emotions.


A versatile, affordable, and fun instrument that can play many songs with just a few chords. It is also portable and convenient for traveling or performing. However, it can be hard to learn to read music, tune the strings, and deal with finger pain and calluses.


A great instrument for people who have a good sense of rhythm, coordination, and energy. They can also improve your physical fitness and mental health. However, they are loud, expensive, and take up a lot of space. They also require a lot of practice and patience to master different beats and patterns.


Is similar to piano but more modern and electronic. It can produce different sounds and effects that suit various musical genres and styles. It is also cheaper, lighter, and easier to maintain than a piano. However, it can be less expressive, authentic, and satisfying than a piano. It also requires electricity and speakers or headphones.


A natural and expressive instrument that everyone has. It can improve your breathing, posture, mood, and confidence. It can also be done anywhere and anytime without any equipment. However, it can be difficult to sing in tune, control your voice, protect your vocal cords, and learn proper techniques. It also depends on your natural talent and range.

Ultimately, the best instrument for you is the one that you enjoy playing and learning the most. You can try different instruments before you commit to one or even learn more than one if you want.

NZ Modern School of Music offers all these options for music tuition and provides opportunities for competitions, practical and theory exams, and has their own range of music books.

If one of these instruments strikes a chord with you, contact us to find a teacher near you. The most important thing is to have fun and love music!

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